Light Water Reading

  • Mandarin’s Maiden Voyage

    Mandarin Wave Surfing

    214.6NM | 42hrs Underway | 9 Days | 4 Dolphin Sightings | Freezing Temperatures | 1 BIG Adventure!

  • Introducing ‘Mandarin’!


    So! This is it, my next BIG adventure! It is something I have wanted to do for a while but circumstances haven’t allowed until now. I started looking for a boat in earnest in October 2017 and after looking at several different options settled on a Sadler 26 as...

  • Winter 2017/2018


    Wow! What a winter! Quite different to recent years for many reasons… In October soon after finishing the Autumn season with HRCST I took myself for for a well deserved (in my opinion!) holiday to the Greek islands of Lefkada, Cephalonia, Ithaca and Kastos. I had an ulterior motive...

  • Hellenic Day Skipping


    Not long after the end of the 2017 Holiday Courses I decided that, for a few reasons, I needed to do something for ‘me’. I needed a break, but rather than lie on a beach all week I decided that I should combine this break with something I had...

  • Winter 2016/17


    Hi! So, it has again been a long time between posts… It’s amazing how ‘life’ so often gets in the way. This winter has, so far, been surprisingly busy. Surprising only because in October the calendar was looking pretty empty. Since October however I have been working almost constantly...

  • Second Tasting


    Having had a successful Premiere of the show at The Tolmen Centre, we then took it straight to The Barbican, Plymouth (a lovely venue with a great team), Bodmin College (an interesting newlyish built venue with a solid, blue sparkly floor…) and Grampound Community Hall (a favorite on the...

  • Taste Tour


    Well what a hectic summer! I did wonder whether I’d have time for the luxury of writing about my activities over the summer and it seems I was right to wonder!I will add some posts in the next few months telling some stories about this summer’s sailing adventures as...

  • Spring Update


    It’s been a busy few months!I have now finished all of the spring tours and events I have been working on.Starting in January The Ugly Sisters has been running at lots of rural venues around Cornwall. Based on the story of Cinderella, the show proposes that True Beauty isn’t...

  • What a stunning day!


    This last weekend I was supposed to be teaching a powerboat course. That was the plan. Then my clients cancelled and I thought it would be a great idea to take my friend out instead. Then he cancelled due to some serious toothache and so I suggested to my...

  • Freefall Awakening Tour


    It is here! The last couple of days were spent in Studio B, The Performance Centre, Falmouth University revisiting this triple bill dance show and my biggest design project since graduating.We will be performing at 7.30pm at Helford Theatre, Truro College on the 5th March and the Barbican Theatre...

  • Planly Provoking Insurers

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    “Hello, we are calling about your payment protection insurance.” Here we go, I thought… “In order to begin your claim, please press 5. If you have already processed your claim please press 5 to opt out. To speak to an advisor please press 5.” At least they make it...

  • Only one revolve? Why not two!

    Only one revolve? Why not two!

    This evening I went to meet a good friend of mine – Dave Bane. Dave is an Electronics engineer (now manager) who has been volunteering at Truro Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society for many years. I first met him when I had just finished Secondary School and my mother,...

  • Telephones, Snapped Keys and Pastys

    Telephones, Snapped Keys and Pastys

    My home for the latter part of this week has been the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in Falmouth. Or, as most know it, The Poly. I am here with Bec Applebee’s ‘Ugly Sisters’ which is based on the story of Cinderella with a Cornish twist and a quest for...

  • PC Based Lighting Desks

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    So, this is the first tech based post!I spent my afternoon today at Falmouth University’s Performance Centre trying to suss out HOG4onPC. For those not yet inducted this is a lighting control desk that is based on a computer (in this case my laptop) with a usb to dmx...

  • Inaugural Post!

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    Well, this is a brand new departure for me. I’ve never really had a blog before. I’m not sure how well it will go. I have no idea where I think I’m going to find the time to write in it so it may be fairly short lived! We...