Taste Tour

Well what a hectic summer! I did wonder whether I’d have time for the luxury of writing about my activities over the summer and it seems I was right to wonder!
I will add some posts in the next few months telling some stories about this summer’s sailing adventures as well as some awesome pictures!

For now, let me introduce you to my latest project: Cscape Dance Company’s latest show, ‘Taste’.
We started rehearsals at the beginning of September and were lucky enough to have funding to buy a small lighting rig suitable for touring dance.
It took a good while to find the right kit at the right prices but eventually with a mix of new and good second hand kit we had the components of a rig.
Three days of long hard work later (making 17 IEC extensions took one day, Plugging and PAT testing lanterns and making dmx cable also making my own floor standsbwhich I’m very proud of! (see picture!)) and we could finally set the rig up in our rehearsal and first venue: The Tolmen Centre, Constantine.
A former Weslyan Chapel the Tolmen still has its pews in a horseshoe layout a small stage and tons of character!
As often happens in the world of freelance work my previous job (sailing) didn’t finish until the day beforehand first show! So it was great that Lucy was able to come in to cover/help with the final few days of rehearsals.