Inaugural Post!

Well, this is a brand new departure for me. I’ve never really had a blog before. I’m not sure how well it will go. I have no idea where I think I’m going to find the time to write in it so it may be fairly short lived! We shall see.
My reason for creating it is… well I’m not sure really. I suppose the initial stimulus was because I wanted to rant about something. and then I thought well maybe people would be interested in my work and the things I come across whilst undertaking it. Who knows.

But! I haven’t introduced myself! How remiss of me!
I’m Martin.
I work in Cornwall as a Dinghy Sailing Instructor at the Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust, and also as a Freelance Lighting Designer and Technician for Theatre and Dance and the like.
 More info about these things can be found here:
I must find out how to put that permanently on this page…. hmmm.

So I’m sure you have got an idea of what these posts will be like now. Kind of rambley, messy splurges of my thoughts as they happen. But maybe that is interesting. Or maybe not. Well whatever I shall inflict them on you anyway!

So I shall sign off my first post for now. Not sure when the second post will happen…. watch this space!