Freefall Awakening Tour

It is here! The last couple of days were spent in Studio B, The Performance Centre, Falmouth University revisiting this triple bill dance show and my biggest design project since graduating.
We will be performing at 7.30pm at Helford Theatre, Truro College on the 5th March and the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth on the 20th March.

Quite aside from the shameless self promotion this project has been great to work on. Stressful at times, sure but only because all involved want to make it the best it can be!
Since the première last September a new piece has been developed and a new dancer has joined the company.

The new piece is a duet choreographed by Simon Birch – A brilliant visual artist and wonderful to work with. The piece has been developed from a poem written by the great T.S. Eliot called Burnt Norton. A reflection on time and our perception of and journey through it. We had a look at the lighting on Sunday and it’s looking great! (Even if I do say so myself!)

Only one more afternoon of rehearsal on Sunday and we will be on the road! If you get a chance, do come and say hi!