I Wish Her Well

I Wish Her Well is a contemporary dance performance created by Norwegian Dance Company Panta Rei Danse Teater.

The piece consists of two sections; the first illustrating the lives and relationships of women who were close to the dancers involved in creating the piece, and the second describing events and feelings experienced by the choreographer’s Grandmother when she was a teenager.
The tour included 10 shows at different venues in Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall as well as 8 dance workshops.

These were great pieces to work on as there was a lot of scope for using the lighting to create very different atmospheres with little scenic assistance. The in-the-round format also added to the challenge!

We used a Land Rover and Trailer combination to transport people, technical equipment and scenography which worked really well for this rural tour.
I was also required to adapt the lighting to work in the small venues with the available equipment. This proved very rewarding and I was able to re-create a lot of the intention of the original design at this smaller scale.

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