AMATA in 2021

After a difficult year for many in the live events industry and having not seen a theatre space for 24 months, it was great to get back in front of a lighting desk for two events in August and September.

The first event was a show called ‘Syd’ by comedian Arthur Smith which, as well as having a live socially-distanced audience was live streamed online as part of the Pleasance Online Edinburgh Fringe.
This was the first show I had worked on with cameras playing a major role and lighting for camera was new to me. More than that, it still had to look good for the live audience too. This was the penultimate week of a season of fringe shows hosted by AMATA so the technicians were pretty used to the setup and what adjustments needed to be made.

The second event was a conference – another new experience for me. Agile on the Beach is a tech conference for computer programmers hosted by AMATA. I took on the task of lighting the three main lecutre theatres with stage washes, specials on the speakers and auditorium lighting. I then was part of the team keeping everything running during the event, ensuring that presenters were setup with projection and sound before their sessions.