Lullaby and I Wish Her Well

Lullaby is a striking, dynamic piece of dance theatre which addresses current political and social issues whilst asking ‘is there still a lullaby that I can take comfort from?’

In two quite different halves, lullaby is at times extremely raw and angry whilst at others quiet and playful, there is even some audience participation!

The original lighting design was very much part of the performance, particularly for the second piece. There were isolated pools of light with many cue points just seconds apart. Most of the lighting was from above with a strong contingent of automated lighting providing rich colours and specials.

‘How on earth am I going to replicate this in a rural touring scale?!’ I thought to myself as I watched the video of the piece.

It took a few long nights awake and some degree of compromise to design a rig that would work for both pieces, be practical to take on tour and not too complex to set up in short order.

We were lucky enough that a rehearsal day was in the schedule this time round (a luxury!) which was a good thing as there were several changes that needed to be made to ensure that the lighting really knitted together with the choreography and (live!) music.

Apparently I did a good job as the lighting was mentioned in a review in the local paper:
‘”… the lighting was so eerie. In fact the lighting design throughout was spot on…” – Cornish Guardian
Only a small claim to fame but I’ll take what I can get!

I Wish Her Well is a show that I toured with in 2013 (see here for more details)

This time the tour took us to Alnwick in Northumberland (almost Scotland!), Crich and Dronfield in Derbyshire.
The schedule was tight, 3 consecutive shows, 2 with curtain raisers and over 1050 miles in 5 days! I’m starting to think I’m getting too old for this!

Lullaby Stage Overview
Lullaby Stage Overview
I Wish Her Well - Floor level sketch
I Wish Her Well – Floor level sketch