AMATA, Falmouth University

This autumn I was asked to cover some of the course assessments and visiting productions at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts at the Performance Centre, Falmouth University.

This involved providing technical support to various student groups across different performance spaces in the building which gave me a tiny taste of how a multi-space venue operates.


This was a public performance by Graham Fitkin and his band. I was given a standard rig with which to work and the rest was up to me!
It was a really nice opportunity to experiment with effects and techniques I don’t often get the chance to employ.

dsc_0061_9 dsc_0065_8

The student events ranged from a 1920’s Speakeasy with a 15 piece band…


…to a lecture and workshop by a marine environment charity.


These events really helped me get back to grips with the EOS software which I haven’t used much since university.
It was brilliant to be able to work in yet another different environment.