Kensington Palace Christmas Installation

This was a brilliant installation of ‘Light Boxes’ with printed acrylic fascias designed for Historic Royal Palaces for installation in Queen Victoria’s childhood home.
I got the chance to be a part of this project when Lucy Gaskell of CQ Lighting asked me to help with the fiddly job of installing all of the LED strips in each box.

My first electrical installation job was quite satisfying. It was great to be able to overcome challenges (and there were several!) and create a neat job to a very high standard.

We used Anglebead, which is used in the plastering trade, to create an adjustable mounting surface. Once screwed to the inside of the box we added a layer of foam backed double sided tape before fixing the LED strip in place.
Each box required a different approach as each was a different size and depth, and we needed to ensure we achieved the most uniform distribution of light with no hot or cold spots. We then needed to wire each strip up to it’s power supply which involved quite some number of solder joints to link everything together.

The project will be shown at Kensington Palace for Christmas 2016 and 2017.

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